Fellowships & Scholarships

  • Behind Every Gift
    is a Student's Future
  • Graduate Student Fellowship Fund
    UC Merced must continue to recruit the best and brightest students from around the world as it grows into a leading research university. The Graduate Student Fellowship Fund ensures UC Merced can support talented graduate students who are solving humankind’s most challenging problems.

    UC Merced Foundation Board of Trustees Fellowship Fund
    Established in 2012 by the UC Merced Foundation Board of Trustees, this fund helps to recruit the best and brightest graduate students by providing critically needed financial aid.

    Campuswide Undergraduate Scholarship Fund
    With close to 90 percent of our students eligible for financial aid, scholarship support can be the deciding factor on whether they will be able to achieve their dream of higher education. Scholarships provide the essential advantage that give these promising students the chance to pursue their educational goals. 

    School of Engineering Scholarship Fund
    The School of Engineering provides an intellectual environment for research and education that makes UC Merced a magnet for innovation. Scholarships for undergraduates removes financial barriers and helps the school to attract top students.

    School of Natural Sciences Scholarship Fund
    Providing innovative undergraduate and graduate curricula, the School of Natural Sciences prepares students to address the many scientific challenges of the 21st century. Scholarships provide necessary financial support to help students achieve their goals.  

    School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts Scholarship Fund
    Focused on providing students with access to invaluable opportunities within a highly interdisciplinary atmosphere, the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts prepares students for varied roles as responsible, informed citizens and leaders. Scholarship support ensures students can achieve success in their academic studies. 

    Dream Act Scholarship Fund
    Undocumented students have a great need for private funding since they are not eligible for federal financial aid. UC Merced launched the Dream Act Scholarship Initiative with the goal to enable highly motivated, low-income Dream Act students to graduate with career-ready degrees.

    San Joaquin Valley Program in Medical Education (PRIME) Scholarship Fund
    In order to address the San Joaquin Valley’s unique healthcare needs and the demand for more practicing physicians in the region, the University of California, Merced, developed a medical education program (PRIME) with sister UC campuses to train physicians to provide care in the San Joaquin Valley. Your support of PRIME helps UC Merced focus on meeting the healthcare needs of the state’s medically underserved populations.

    UC Merced Staff Assembly Scholarship Fund for Employees' Children (Endowed Fund)
    The Staff Assembly Scholarship was initiated with a generous lead donation by a UC Merced founding staff member. This fund provides scholarship support for the dependent children of UC Merced employees attending UC Merced.

    University Friends Circle Scholarship (Endowed Fund)
    The University Friends Circle forges strong relationships between UC Merced and communities of the Central Valley through programs that promote social and intellectual interaction. Scholarships from this endowment are awarded annually to a UC Mecred student and a UC Merced student organization, rewarding the qualities of leadership and civic engagement in the Merced community.