Standing Committees


The Executive Committee of the UC Merced Foundation is composed of the Officers of the Board, Standing Committee Chairs, and Members-at-large. The committee meets regularly to discuss matters of concern to the Foundation and the Board and works with UC Merced leadership to determine Board fundraising priorities and opportunities.



Michael Gallo
Chair of the Board

Art Kamangar

Curtis Riggs
Audit Chair

Christine Long
Nomination Chair

Dorothy Leland
Corporate President

Bob Gallo
Member at Large

Denise Watkins
Vice Chair

Roger Sturdevant
Treasurer/Finance & Investment Committee Chair

Kenni Friedman
Development Chair

Jack Oswald
Advocacy Chair and Member at Large

Lee Kolligian
Immediate Past Chair

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The Audit Committee shall be responsible for overseeing audit procedures in compliance with the California Nonprofit Integrity Act which shall include the following:

  • Recommend to the board of directors the retention and termination of the independent auditor;
  • Confer with the auditor to satisfy the committee members that the financial affairs of the charitable organization are in order;
  • Review and determine whether to accept the audit; and
  • Approve the performance of any non-audit services by the auditing firm.


Curtis Riggs, Chair

John Barnhill

David Benn

Dorothy Bizzini

Gary Kremen

Jake Sill

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The Development Committee will help to expand the awareness of the Board and empower the Trustees with specific tools and outreach strategies to raise external resources for UC Merced by:

  • Identifying prospective supporters, donors, and investors, and where possible, providing introductions;
  • Helping to create successful alumni by providing program support, scholarships, internships, and jobs; and
  • Providing feedback and guidance to Development & Alumni Relations on fundraising opportunities and strategies, including metrics and marketing collateral materials.


Kenni Friedman, Chair

Josh Becker

Bob Bernstein

Dorothy Bizzini

John Garamendi, Jr.

Art Kamangar

Hanimireddy Lakireddy

John Loll

Amy Neumann

Phyllis Nusz

Jack Oswald

Jhansi Reddy

Carl Refuerzo

Lisa Joy Rosner

Fred Ruiz

Ram Saini

Greg Stangl

Kevin Sweeney

Bob Tinker

Denise Watkins

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The Finance and Investment Committee will propose and manage the operating budget of the Foundation, oversee accounting procedures, and related fiscal duties. They also shall:

  • Provide investment policies and strategies to grow contributed funds held by the Foundation; and
  • Review the performance of the Foundation’s investments.


Roger Sturdevant, Chair

Robert Angle

David Benn

Richard Elkus

Greg Estep

Bob Gallo

Ross Gentry

Ty Jagerson

Art Kamangar

Cyril Lawrence

John Loll

Ralph Ochoa

E. Scott Patton

Grey Roberts

Jake Sill

Krishna Thondapu

Roger Wood

Lesley Xiong

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The Nomination Committee shall assist the Executive Committee in the orientation and development of the Board of Trustees. They also shall:

  • Identify, recruit and engage trustee candidates who match the strategic needs and opportunities of the campus;
  • Develop and manage a new trustee orientation program;
  • Review the engagement of trustees in board related activities and with UC Merced;
  • Prepare and submit a slate of candidates for election to the Board at the last Board meeting of the fiscal year; and
  • Provide recognition of board service and special achievement.


Christine Long, Chair

Carol Bright Tougas

Anita Starchman Bryant

Anthony Coelho

Kathleen Crookham

Eileen Hamilton

Daryl Hatano

George Kelley

Gary Kremen

Matthew Lee

Raymond O’Connor

Jack Oswald

Lazar Piro

Lynn Seppala

Peter Swann

Michael Tollefson

Vishal Verma

Rani Yadav-Ranjan

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Jan Mendenhall
Associate Vice Chancellor for Development
Executive Director, UC Merced Foundation

Virginia Lerer
Director of Operations, Development & Alumni Relations